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Below is the list of fan encounters with Edge that people have sent 2 me.

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I met Adam "Edge" Copeland 11-29-04 @ a Walmart in northern Maryland... in short I took several pix... but I was kewl & didn't faint... he signed the Edge Army shirt that I was WEARING... (between my right shoulder & breast... black marker on a black shirt lol @_@) and I hugged him... but my mom didn't get the picture in time so HE HUGGED ME AGAIN! (and he said YES he does still get da edge@wwe.com emails but hasn't been home in 2 months & h8s his laptop)

wrestlemania_is_good(frozen from neopets.com)- I met Edge a while back. (It was with the Undertaker) I met him at a after party. (after a PPV) He is cool and I met other (then) WWF superstars, it was cool (Mick Foley, Stone Cold, Rock & HHH)
jhardyzlilangel15(neopets.com username)- The closest I've ever been to Edge was when there was a table between us and he was signing my magazine lol! (not exactly an encounter)
antygone_rex(yahoo name)- I met him when he was still with the brood... they where all cool
gina- omg what a sweetheart and a gentleman. He absolutely loved my gift which I know for a fact. Because when I handed it to him he started looking through the bag and saw the yankees bear and yelled out "Yankees", I thought, score one up for me. I met someone else tonight that I know from being online and I am now and official Edgeucater. I actually had to get permission from Adam himself to join this group. I will be getting a t shirt made and everything. (and he is more gorgeous/huge in person)
wweedgucation- I did get to meet Edge briefly while he was loading his luggage out of the hotel into Tomko's car. While in Hartford, Edge traveled with Tyson Tomko. I got to say hi to Edge and congratulated him on his IC Title win at Vengeance. He thanked me and got in the car and left. I was sad that I didn't get to ask him any questions as he was in a hurry. In Manchester however, I got the pleasure of seeing Edge once again outside the hotel he and I happen to be staying in!! Again, he was loading his luggage into a limousine this time, and as he was swarmed with other fans, I didnt get to to ask him his birth time. I simply got to say hi to him and that was basically it. He smiled and said hi to me and got into the limo and left. I was so heartbroken that I didn't get to ask him anything that I had planned. BUT I did get to talk to him TWICE and look into his GORGEOUS face!!!!! I was probably three feet away from him each time. I wanted SO MUCH to just walk over and touch his hair, but I knew that would not be cool at the time.

damian hex- adam said oh thank god i'm not the ONLY guy here w/ long hair


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