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Below is a brief bio of Adam Copeland

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real name- Adam Joesph Copeland
Mom- Judy (they are very close)
Dad- (never met him, he left while Judy was still pregnant with him)
Tatoo- street shark (left shoulder- he was 18) he has another one now... it is a black sun... done over the street shark @_@
Met Jason Reso (Christian)- 6th gr. @ Orangeville Middle School
Started training- 17 (he won a contest... his mother Judy couldn't have afforded it otherwise)
School- best in biology, faves were art and english, he hated math
Superstitious?- he never get ripped pads fixed, wears lucky socks and a choker
Gorgeous & Talented?- yup, but he doesn't believe so
Fans- Edgeheads, Edge Army or Edge Addicts, whatever you may call us, he loves and opreshe8s us! ^_^
DIVORCED- he was married to Alanah Morley on 11-08-01 (no kids-yet) but would like to have some (UPDATE! he is now married 2 Lisa as of 10-21-04)
Not a bad boy- doesn't drink *cough* (much) or smoke and hardly is even out late
teams: toronto maple leafs, new jersey devils, seattle mariners & south korean world cup team
Music Group: red hot chilli peppers
CDs: maladroit-weezer, degradation trip-jerry cantrell, wingspan-paul mccartney
Cities(crowds)-chicago (also likes the moondance diner there)
Actors- edward norton, johnny depp, brad pitt
actress- cameron diaz
foods- pancakes & cookies (esp. chocolate chip, also white chocolate & peanut butter but hates oatmeal cookies)
On a girl- eyes & butt & legs
Vacation spots- Australia, Ireland, Hawaii & Banff (in alberta canada)
Wrestling anniversary- 07-07-93
shoe size 14

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